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11 days post-PRK

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 11:43 PM

Hi, I'm new here! You can call me SLK (for confidentiality issues), but I'm glad to be posting. I've been keeping a log on Google Docs... but hey, I figure I'd just post my experience so far so people can have (yet another) timeline for their reference if they ever need it to decide for PRK and so on. :)

My prescription was a -3.0 on both eyes. I started wearing glasses 11 years ago, and contacts about 6 years ago. I’m going to law school this following August, so I decided to give my eyes some time to heal before I dive into some major books. Kind of bummed that I won’t be able to read as comfortably as I did with glasses/contacts, but I can deal so long as I heal up. I chose PRK as I was not eligible for LASIK... even if I was, I would not have chosen LASIK.

Day 0 (Surgery): The night before the surgery, the doctor had me take some Zymactic antibiotic eyedrops. I got to the hospital at 11:30am and saw through the screen a person getting LASIK - making the flap and all. Doctor came in and wanted to give me some anxiety medicine, saw me being so engrossed into the eye video, and thought I didn’t need it. He was right. At 12:00pm I went into the surgery room and within 15 minutes I was out. I did need sunglasses after the procedure, but my vision was noticeably better. Got home, didn’t feel a thing but since the doctor told me to take a nap, I did. 3 hours. Still no pain.

At this point I was on Durezol (anti-inflammation) 3x a day, Zymactic (antibiotic) 3x a day, and Bromday (anti-inflammation) 2x a day. Correct me if I am wrong about the nature of these drops as I’m not 100% sure. I just did what the doctor told me. ;p

Day 1: Post-op! Doctor said I was healing up nicely. Still no pain. Vision kind of the same as the day of surgery.

Day 2-3: Vision more or less the same. Still no pain. Went back to work for two days - surprisingly I got a lot done! My work is very close (10 min of driving on local roads) so I was able to drive myself. I noticed during the middle of the day for like 10 minutes, I had double-vision/ghosting.

Day 4-5: Vision began to get blurry - good timing. But... no pain, hurrah! Just slept the weekend away. Went with parents to do some errands, but didn’t drive. Light sensitivity at an all-time high, but it’s not unbearable.

Day 6: 1 week post-op. Right eye was seeing 20/20, left eye was blurry. I got the band-aid contacts out on my right eye, but doctor said the epithelium was healing at a much slower rate on my left eye. Changed the contact on my left. At this point, I was on Zymactic on my left eye 2x a day and Duresol on both eyes 2x a day. Doctor wanted to see me in two days. At this point, my right eye didn’t get blurry or anything... just good ol’ 20/20 vision. :)

Day 7: Same as day 6. Severely dry eyes, but countered that with moisturizing drops.

Day 8: Went back to the doctor, he said left eye still had a portion of the cornea where the epithelium hadn’t healed over... he wanted to let mother nature take its course so he took the band-aid contact out. No stinging or anything. Doctor said left eye was seeing 20/50, right eye a 20/25. He wants to see me again in 2 days. Went to sleep at 7pm.

Day 9: … woke up at 7am. Right eye vision was kind of blurry, I’d say at like a 20/25. Still good enough to drive! Went to work, got lots of work done. My left eye felt really dry, so I had to put in eyedrops every so often. Also, left eye felt a little sore... didn’t want to deal with it, so I went to sleep at 8pm.

Day 10: … woke up at 7am. Hah. Right eye seems a little blurry, but hey, I’m only a week and a half out of surgery. Also, it can’t possibly get worse than my left eye... right? Severe dry eyes are a thing of the past today, but they still felt a little dry. Left eye is still seeing more or less (or maybe better... maybe) as it was since day 8. Doctor said my right eye was 20/25, left eye was 20/40. There’s a 1mm hole that needs to close up in my left eye, and that’s why it's still so blurry... he put in some drops and in a few seconds I was seeing 20/20. Only temporarily, though. :(

I have another date with the doctor in 3 days... haha just kidding. But I do have an appointment with him on Monday! Boo.

Day 11: I think I’m so used to being blind in one eye that it just doesn’t matter anymore. Right eye still more or less the same (20/25ish?), left eye getting better. Drove at night for the first time today. No halos, no starbursts... a little bit of light sensitivity, but not enough to bother me.

At this point I’m asking myself, is my right eye superhuman or something? Either way, I’m glad I have at least one functioning eye so I can go about and do stuff. If I had to be cramped up in a dark room resting my eyes until now I’d be severely depressed and anxiety-ridden. :C

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